The State of Qatar issued Emiri Decree No. 37, setting forth the creation of one of the world's largest Greenfield port developments. The 27 Billion QAR (USD 7.4 Billion) megaproject includes a new port, a new base for the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces and the Qatar Economic Zone 3 (QEZ 3), strategically located in the southern sector of Qatar to service existing and proposed future industrial zones. Its development forms part of Qatar National Vision 2030 which aims to propel Qatar onto the world stage as a fully developed country by 2030.

The largest contract package to date is Contract Package No. NPP/0013: Dredging, Reclamation and Outer Breakwater construction with an overall value of 4.5 billion QAR. This project has been awarded to MEDCO (Middle East Dredging Company Q.S.C.), with notice to proceed given on the 11th of March, 2012.

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MEDCO’s main scope under the New Port Project/ Hamad Port broadly consists of within a program of 1,400 days to:

  • Dredging and excavation of 44.4M m3
  • Dredging of a 300-m wide and 10.5-km long, (-)15-m deep access channel (connecting the NPP with the existing Mesaieed west channel);
  • Deepening of the Mesaieed west channel;
  • Excavation of the Naval Base Basin;
  • Excavation of the inland ‘plug’ section between the port basin access channel and the inland port
  • Reclamation of 11.6M m2
  • Land reclamation and ground improvement for the Naval Forces Base using excavated material and provision of fill material for quay construction;
  • Land reclamation and ground improvement for the Inland Port
  • Rock works with 4M Ton of imported rock
  • South breakwater construction (3,048m long);
  • North breakwater construction (161m long);
  • Revetment construction along the perimeter of the Naval Base and flood bund construction between the sea and the port
  • Supply and installation of navigation aids;
  • Ground investigation works at the Naval Base during the reclamation completion;
  • Execution of environmental compensation plans for the relocation of mangroves, corals and seagrass.

MEDCO commenced its dredging operations at the Access Channel and Naval Base reclamation works in February 2013. Seven (7) dredgers facilitated the dredging works of which 5 were Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD Amazone, CSD D’Artagnan, CSD J.F.J. De Nul, CSD Artemis and CSD Ambiorix) and 2 were Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (THSD Antigoon and THSD Francis Beaufort). Over 300 units of various dry earthmoving equipment were also mobilized to facilitate dry excavation and reclamation works.

MEDCO implemented an environmental programme to mitigate adverse impacts on hard corals, mangroves, seagrass, and their associated flora and fauna from the dredging and reclamation works associated with the New Port Project. Environmental mitigation works include relocation of seagrass, mangroves and corals and the creation of new reef habitat. Environmental Monitoring Programme is employed in close coordination with the Ministry of Environment (MoE).

Health and Safety is of prime importance and MEDCO is committed to strictly implement and comply the requirements of the Project Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H) Policy as well as the Project Quality Policy. MEDCO received the Annual Quality Award 2014 for the best quality performance by a contractor within the New Port Port Project and achieved 5 Million man-hours without LTI on June 2015.

MEDCO’s project scope is scheduled for completion in early 2016. Once the project is completed, Hamad Port will serve as a major gateway to Qatar to cater for future developments and trade needs for 2030 and beyond.




Description Dredging of the Access Channel to the New Hamad Port of Qatar. Reclamation of Port Area and Hinterland. Dredging and Reclamation of the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Base.
Scope Environmental relocation works, Capital Dredging up to -15m CD, Reclamation & Compaction works, Rock & Concrete works  
Volume Dredging and Excavation: 44.4 million cubic meter
Period 1,400 days
Location Umm Al-Houl (North of Messaieed) – State of Qatar
Client New Port Project Steering Committee (Government of Qatar)
Value QAR 4.5 billion
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