Middle East Dredging Company (Q.S.C)

Established as a Qatari company in June 2004, MEDCO specializes in capital dredging Works, through a complementary fleet of dredging vessels, reclamation and other equipment.

Our principal shareholders are the state of Qatar , Qatari based United Development Company (UDC) and Belgian's Dredging and Environmental Engineering (DEME). MEDCO, with a paid-up capital of QAR 560 million, has within its first year of operations rapidly grown and secured projects worth more than QAR 2 billion, both in Qatar and other countries of the Gulf region.


MEDCO is actively pursuing additional dredging and reclamation projects in Qatar and throughout the Middle East . Fleet enlargement and diversification is underway to enhance MEDCO's abilities and to secure its position as the premier dredging and reclamation resource in the Middle East .


Dredging and Environmental Marine Engineering (DEME)

was established as a holding company in 1991, but its roots go well back into the 19th century. It has a corporate history of dredging and reclamation activities of almost 150 years. Currently activities are well spread over the globe with DEME working on the five continents.

The DEME group operates one of the most versatile and modern dredging fleets in the world. These 75 highly specialized vessels include the "Pearl River", the very first jumbo trailer ever which has recently been expanded to a capacity of 24,176m3 and which is equipped with a deep-dredging installation allowing dredging up to minus 120 meters.

And as from October 2005, DEME's "d'Artagnan", the world's most powerful and seaworthy rock and sand cutter dredger, is operational.




United Development Company (UDC)

was established in 1999 as the largest private sector Qatari shareholder company. It was created to become an effective platform for private sector development and for implementation of medium and large-scale projects in Qatar

UDC's founders, who hold some 45% of the MEDCO shares, are among the most successful businessmen in Qatar with established track records. They are involved in industrial development, joint ventures, project development, real estate, banking and international investment. UDC shares are listed on the Doha Securities Market and are widely held by over 5,000 individual shareholders from Qatar and neighboring GCC countries.



Combining the best of two worlds

Responding efficiently and beneficially to the demands of the ever-expanding Middle East Market, MEDCO continuously invests in both human and technical resources.

MEDCO has the ability to pool together resources from its shareholder's organizations whenever the need might arise.

With UDC's vast experience and knowledge of the GCC market as an invaluable asset and with access to DEME's equipment, technical know-how and experience, our shareholders, through their relentless support, pave the way for MEDCO's sustained growth.

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